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Brightspace June (10.8.2) update

This list does not contain all of the Features and Fixed Issues released with 10.8.2 version. It’s a selection of relevant updates meant for Teachers, Learning Developers and Instructional Designers.

Available after the 29th of June 2018


  • Brightspace Mobile Platform – Removing App Support for Android 4.4 | Removed
  • Copy Course Components – Date Offset | New
  • Grades – Linked discussion threads are now available | New
  • Groups and Sections – Interface improvements on Enroll Users page | New
  • HTML Editor – Emoticons available | New
  • Rubrics – Control rubric visibility for learners | New
  • Rubrics – Improvements to rubric feedback for learners | New
  • Rubrics – New interface for previewing rubric definitions | New

Fixed issues

  • HTML Editor – indent lists to create sub-lists
  • Quizzes – navigation between questions crash in Internet Explorer 11


Only be available after the 1st of August 2018


  • Rubrics – Display graded rubric feedback In Gradebook | New

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Using Brightspace to improve retention in online and blended courses

Several studies have shown that withdrawal rates are 10 to 40% higher in online courses compared with traditional face to face (f2f) with successful course completion (passing grade) being lower.

The academic field of study matters. Science and math courses are more negatively impacted than other disciplines, especially lower-level Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) courses, with the highest levels of non-completion and withdrawal rates.

This affects both the student and the institution, and the benefits from online courses may not be enough to offset the costs due to course non-completion or failure.

So, what can be done to improve retention in online and blended courses and how can Brightspace help?

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